Roof maintenance and repairs in Northampton

Annual Maintenance to Roofs

We pride ourselves on the good service we provide to all of our customers and many of our long standing maintenance contracts have been agreed as a result of our initial attendance to emergency repairs.

We can save our customers time, money and in many cases lost stock by informing them of where there roofing problems are likely to occur and how they can be prevented.

For example annual leaf fall causes a tremendous amount of damage to property and stock each and every Autumn as gutters and downpipes become blocked and water cascades into stores and warehouses.

At one of our visits to a large retail park last year we extracted several small trees and large plants from a roof and gutter of a unit in close proximity to a fast food restaurant. The local birds had deposited the seed “in flight” after eating left over meals.

Other times we find footballs or carrier bags blocking downpipes preventing water from reaching the drains.

Increasingly vandalism also causes damage to roof coverings as teenagers throw items onto roofs and our operatives have found bricks, bottles, traffic cones and even mobile phones on roofs which have been damaged.

On all our site visits we will inform you of any findings and supplying you with photos of the same.

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