Roof maintenance and repairs in Northampton

Surveying, Domestic and Industrial

We supply a full survey for any job that requires a quotation, the survey is completely free of charge and we will supply you with a full report.

When you ask us for a report you always get the full picture.

We will provide you photographic evidence of any faults we discover on your roof and explain in plain English what needs to be done to rectify any problems found.

We will when requested proved you information and recommendations on material and product suppliers, including third party literature on their supply.

All of our reports are open to independent inspection and verification.

We do not benefit from trying to sell you something you cannot afford to buy. We therefore will always talk through with you all of your options on said repair against renewal, investigate with you any alternatives such as roof coating or overcladding, and we will cost out works with you and where applicable look to budget period, enabling you to better forecast and utilise your maintenance spending budgets.

These photos below show a sample of a roof being primed for testing.

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